Will we see you at APEX EXPO in Long Beach?

17th October, 2022

The Bluebox team will soon be on the road again and ready to meet with industry colleagues at APEX EXPO in Long Beach. Will we see you there?

If you’re planning on visiting APEX EXPO and would like to arrange a meeting with Bluebox, please contact us  by clicking here to send us a meeting request. 

Why meet with us at APEX EXPO?

Do you want to expand your food & beverage sales and enable ordering from seats? Need to optimise content licencing costs for aircraft flying both short- and long-haul services and offset the costs by offering premium/paid access? Want to earn additional ancillary revenue and excite your passengers about their arrival by promoting the sale of destination experiences? Do you have retail brand partners willing to advertise or sponsor content? All of these are options, and with our ongoing digital development, the options are only going to increase.

Digital solutions from Bluebox – such as the company’s Blueview digital passenger experiences – are enabling airlines to increase their revenue, enhance their retailing strategies, and increase passenger satisfaction; and are doing this with and without connectivity.

Blueview was launched as a distinct new brand from Bluebox in June at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo, marking the evolution and direction of Bluebox’s passenger solutions beyond the provision of more traditional in-flight entertainment. Reflecting a broader industry shift towards increased digitalisation of cabin services, the rebranding also makes clear the distinction between Blueview as the software-based solution and the hardware platforms onto which it can be deployed, such as the company’s Bluebox Wow portable wireless streaming system and other third-party hardware such as that provided as part of Airbus Airspace Link.

Blueview on Bluebox’s portable wireless solution, Bluebox Wow is delivering engaging digital services to passengers around the world – and airlines are benefitting from their passenger engagement and revenue generating potential.  Blueview can also be deployed as part of an Airbus Airspace Link installation. For mixed fleets, deploying Blueview across both Airspace Link and Bluebox Wow will provide a consistent passenger experience across the fleet.

Offer our IFE on iPads as a service enhancement, rental opportunity, alternative to seatback (or service recovery if a seatback screen malfunctions), or to provide an accessible IFE platform for your visually impaired passengers with our Crystal Cabin Award-winning  Bluebox aIFE.

With Bluebox’s digital platforms and a team ready to work to your requirements, what you can offer your passengers is as simple as saying: it’s up to you.

Why not contact us now to arrange a meeting at APEX EXPO to discuss your airline’s specific interests and requirements? Together, we’ll work out the best option for you and your passengers.

Book a meeting with the Bluebox team at APEX EXPO

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