Bluebox product updates at APEX EXPO 2016

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At APEX EXPO in Singapore this week, Bluebox Avionics will be demonstrating several exciting product developments as it celebrates its 10th anniversary in the IFE sector.

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to delight our customers and their passengers, and at the same time keep on top of regulatory changes and meet safety standards as we expand our portfolio,” said David Brown, Joint Managing Director, Bluebox Avionics.

“For ten years we’ve been innovators in IFE technology, but it’s no surprise to us that we’ve seen interest grow in the commercial proposition of our solutions as well – enabling airlines to monetise their IFE provision through advertising on our platform, for example,” Brown added. “But that’s what’s so exciting about our sector: there’s always something more to do – with the technology, with the data it generates, and with the content and services we can deliver.”

Highlights for APEX EXPO include:

Bluebox IFE for Android devices – Bluebox will be demonstrating its Android-based version of the Bluebox portable IFE platform. Known for its iPad based solutions – and therefore already exploiting some of the most advanced tablet technology in the market – Brown commented: “We’ve been involved with portable IFE since we started in 2006, and though the iPad has been the mainstay of our success as an IFE systems provider, offering customers even more hardware device options just makes sense. We’ll increase our market opportunities, and be even better placed to track the rapid evolution of tablet technology.”

Accessibility – Bluebox’s IFE platform provides an economical supplemental service for airlines seeking to meet the needs of their hearing- and visually-impaired passengers and the upcoming regulation supporting them. Demonstrating the platform, Bluebox will show how Bluebox Ai and Bluebox Hybrid tablets offer both audio and visual accessibility features such as closed-captioning and audio described video content, as well as audio-based content such as audio books. The company’s streaming systems, Bluebox Wow and Bluebox wiFE, also support closed captioning and audio described video content.


Bluebox Wow passes DO-160 tests – Bluebox will also be demonstrating its portable ‘walk on wiFE’ system, Bluebox Wow, which has been independently tested as compliant with RTCA DO-160G Section 21, following radio emissions testing under Category M. This important safety testing qualifies the system for operations in aircraft cabins.



Moving maps – Bluebox continues to update and add additional services to its wireless IFE systems, Bluebox wiFE and Bluebox Wow. The latest – multiple moving map options so passengers can watch their flight progress live – will be demonstrated at APEX EXPO.



Commercialisation/Monetisation – Bluebox now provides great usage data across all its platforms and combined with its secure architecture this allows Bluebox to fully support the myriad of new content types becoming available from third parties which are designed to be attractive to advertisers and bring in significant ancillary revenue to airlines.

“We know that the airline industry never stands still when it comes to enhancing their passenger experience. Neither do we,” said Brown. “With our latest developments in wireless and our enhanced solutions, we’re proving we’re not only keeping up with our customers’ needs but continuing to provide additional value for airlines and their passengers.”