Blueview onboard retail makes it easier than ever for your passengers to browse and buy from your food & beverage menu and retail product catalogue. Which in turn makes it easier for you to generate revenue.

Onboard Retail

No more waiting for the trolley, passengers can order on their own devices any time they like.

Quite simply because with Blueview your shop never closes. Results show that when passengers have the option of in-seat ordering through Blueview the potential increase in revenue is between 10-20%.

The fact is, online shopping is ubiquitous, so it’s no surprise that 20-70% of in-flight retail sales value comes through passenger devices when Blueview onboard retail is available.

And Blueview has earned an overall guest satisfaction rating of 4.7 out of 5 for user experience, ease of use and quality. As the joy of shopping increases, so will your earnings.

And there’s more

But increased revenue isn’t the only benefit of Blueview onboard retail. The ability to reach everyone on board at any time improves demand analytics, helping you optimise your product selection. Dynamic pricing, dynamic shopfront merchandising and dynamic bundling – these product enhancements are designed to optimise revenue capture even further and faster.

While Blueview onboard retail can be fully integrated into your existing retail and POS system, it can also be deployed in a notifications-only mode to get you up and running fast. Passengers order through the system and crew are notified on their device, with payment and stock control handled through your existing POS infrastructure and processes.

The simplest and fastest way to deploy Blueview onboard retail is on our Bluebox Wow portable wireless streaming system. Doing so gives you the option of supplementing your retail revenue even more. Blueview’s extensive digital capabilities and Bluebox Wow’s impressive content streaming capabilities give you the option of supplementing your retail offering with the sale of entertainment access or bundles. All from the same box.