Bluebox’s Blueview platform represents the software-based digital evolution of IFE, putting the focus firmly on the passenger’s digital engagement with your airline. A view that gives them a world of shopping, entertainment and experiences. And a view that gives you invaluable insights into what your customers, buy, watch, click and want.

What Blueview does

A world of shopping, entertainment and experiences.

Blueview offers a window to a world of opportunities to Earn by Entertaining and Engaging your passengers – these are our 3Es.


  • Food & beverage and retail product sales
  • (including touch-free payments).
  • Destination activity bookings
  • Entertainment bundles
  • Advertising


  • Hollywood blockbusters & TV box sets
  • Regional content
  • Games
  • Moving map


  • Interactive, gamified content
  • Passenger surveys
  • Loyalty programme registration
  • Safety information

How Blueview does it

Bluebox will design a user interface for Blueview branded to yourspecifications and including the services and features you know will engage your passengers. For the services you choose to offer, we will work with the partners you need, from retail to catering to content provider. Everything is integrated to deliver the most compelling digital experience on board and to ensure you can capture multiple ancillary revenue streams.

But your digital passenger experience doesn’t just exist within the cabin between boarding and disembarkation. Blueview can also integrate with your booking path so you can promote and sell access before passengers board. And, with partners that deliver exciting services at your destinations, you can earn additional ancillary revenue from activities your passengers complete after they land.

Behind the digital services your passengers choose to use Blueview also accommodates:

  • Pre-paid, booking path, or onboard payments
  • PCI-compliant offline Payments
  • Free or Pay-to-Access models
  • Advertising support: banner, interstitial, pre-roll
  • 3rd party application integration (e.g. 3D map)
  • Connectivity where hardware/installation permits

Blueview is designed to provide uniformity in the experience, services and features across a range of hardware platforms, including Bluebox’s own award-winning Bluebox Wow portable wireless streaming and Airbus Airspace Link (OSP).

And from Bluebox you don’t just get a digital platform, you get our team’s expertise and support throughout the life of your Blueview solution.

Offer your passengers the whole view, and earn entertain and engage, with Blueview.