Yes, we live in a Wi-Fi world and Bluebox is a market leader in providing captive wireless solutions for delivering digital passenger experiences. However, there are times when you may need or want to offer more to help certain passengers get the most from their time on board.

That’s why Bluebox can also deliver a pre-loaded Blueview digital service on airline-owned Apple iPads that can be deployed on their own or to complement a seatback or wireless IFE system on board.

There are three kinds of passenger needs where to be pre-loaded is to be prepared

Service Enhancement

Why not give them a real eyeful?

It goes without saying, premium passengers expect more. So why not give them a real eyeful with a large-screen iPad Pro for viewing Hollywood blockbusters. Equally, being able to offer premium passengers additional early window content normally unavailable over wireless IFE systems adds to that feeling of exclusivity.

Accessible IFE

Visually impaired passengers can struggle to navigate touchscreen seatback IFE, meaning they might miss out on part of your service offering. You can avoid this service disparity by providing access to your IFE content on Bluebox aIFE, an accessible version of Blueview entertainment on iPads.

Bluebox aIFE was designed not just with the needs of passengers in mind but with their input. We recruited a user group with visual
impairments ranging from low vision to total blindness who were invaluable in advising our developers on creating a sharp and responsive system. The result is a choice of simple and decluttered interfaces, but with additional sophisticated functionality running in the background.

With Bluebox aIFE, you can avoid the cost and complexity of upgrading seatback IFE systems across your fleet (especially where these may vary across aircraft type, or if there is no accessible upgrade available). And, where government legislation exists, or will come into effect, you can meet those requirements far sooner than it might take to complete a seatback upgrade.

Service Recovery

Let’s face it, we all know things can go wrong. For instance, what happens when the passenger in seat 22C watching a movie suddenly finds themselves staring at a blank screen instead? Simple, give them a Blueview IFE iPad to use for the remainder of the flight.

And if you can’t get the screen fixed before your next sector, you can anticipate and impress your next guest by proactively offering them the Blueview IFE iPad.

So, even when there’s turbulence with your seatback IFE, your service remains first class.