Our community, flying in close formation.

At Bluebox we see our team as part of a working community, collaborating with our customers and our partners towards a common goal of digital cabin success.


Unique solutions for unique customers.

Like passengers, no two customers are the same. So neither are our solutions. We flex our creative muscles to design solutions that fit what each customer needs.

We do it by forming a close working relationship, asking the right questions at every stage of development, implementation and ongoing support. That’s how we can make good on the promise of our 3Es – solutions that Earn revenue by Entertaining and Engaging passengers.

At Bluebox we know we only succeed if our customers succeed. If you’d like to see how a Blueview platform can help you succeed, contact us.


Different skills, same flight path.

Bluebox has pioneered many award-winning innovations over the years with several global ‘firsts’ to our name. That said, we’ve always stuck to doing what we do best and partnered with the best to do the rest. Now, more than ever, it’s a strategy essential to operating in the rapidly evolving digital space.

Our partners include:

  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Retail and payment providers
  • Catering management companies
  • Content service providers
  • DRM licencing developers
  • Destination experience providers
  • Digital advertising brokers
  • Games providers
  • Certified design engineering and modification organisations

If you’re interested in joining our development community or working with us to deploy your solution on our Blueview platform, contact our Business Development team.