Blueview can also be delivered as a linefit or retrofit solution as part of Airbus Airspace Link (OSP).

Airspace Link is Airbus’ standardised on-board digital platform available as both linefit and retrofit for Airbus aircraft and for other OEMs via a KID-Systeme retrofit. It enables a wealth of on-board digital services including integration of a Blueview digital passenger experience from Bluebox.

As an innovation partner, Bluebox was delighted to be the first W-IFE provider selected by an airline customer for the original Airbus OSP* programme in 2019. This kicked off the core integration work and a series of system tests to ensure Bluebox’s wireless software suite passed Airbus’ rigorous quality standards.

*Airspace Link is the new brand name for Airbus’ original Open Software Platform (OSP). It was rebranded as Airspace Link at AIX 2022.

The success of Blueview on Airspace Link demonstrates:

  • the flexibility of Blueview for enabling custom enhancements
  • the level of support customers receive when selecting Bluebox as their Airspace Link W-IFE partner
  • the quality of the solution, for the customer and their passengers;
  • the value and flexibility of Blueview in providing a consistent passenger experience across a mixed fleet utilising additional hardware options such as Bluebox Wow

Bluebox is the only Airspace Link partner to have secured more than one customer. In fact, we have three so far – Titan Airways, Jetstar and Air Malta.

Our first three live deployments

1. Titan Airways

In 2020, Bluebox delivered the first integration of its Blueview platform into Airspace Link, deploying on customer Titan Airways, an independent charter airline in the UK. Unique to the Titan Airways deployment was an additional integration completed for Titan customer TCS World Travel, the industry leader in luxury private jet expeditions.

Additional functionality included comprehensive destination driven modules interfaced with real-time flight route information to support TCS’ tour programme and upgrade its in-flight enrichment opportunities.

2. Jetstar Group

In 2022 Jetstar Group joined Bluebox’s Airspace Link programme in another industry first – a Blueview deployment on Airbus Airspace Link on new Airbus aircraft entering Jetstar’s fleet, complemented by a deployment on Bluebox Wow, in its aircraft-powered format, on Jetstar’s existing A320/A321CEO aircraft. Deploying Blueview across both Airspace Link and Bluebox Wow provides a consistent passenger experience across Jetstar’s fleet.

3. Air Malta

In 2023, Air Malta became Bluebox’s third customer to fly a Blueview solution on Airspace Link. Regional content is vitally important to customer Air Malta. So, as the airline’s new aircraft enter its fleet, the availability of Blueview means passengers get the full Air Malta entertainment experience from take off.

To support customer projects, Bluebox set up an Airspace Link lab at the company’s facilities in Scotland in 2019. The Bluebox team based there is committed to development of Blueview within the Airbus environment. They use the critical Airbus-approved systems for testing customer portals and content sets, along with the system software package, before shipping for installation upon delivery of the aircraft.