Bluebox Wow is our own proprietary, low-cost wireless streaming platform.
It’s winning awards, and it’s winning over customers all round the world.

Bluebox Wow

Wow! It’s powerful

If Bluebox Wow seems bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, that’s because it is. Inside Bluebox Wow is a powerful launching pad for Blueview, a portal to the most exciting digital inflight experiences in the air today. Food & drinks orders, duty free purchases, Hollywood blockbusters, destination activities and much more, all on Blueview,all delivered wirelessly to your passengers from Bluebox Wow.

Wow! It’s compact

Bluebox Wow packs a punch for its size. It’s about the size of a lunchbox, a unit small enough to be stowed securely in overhead bins. Lightweight and scalable, the unit comes with a remarkably low cost of ownership.

Wow! It’s flexible

Available in battery- and aircraft-powered versions, Bluebox Wow offers choice and flexibility to customers, especially those with different aircraft types and fleets of any size.

With its swappable battery system, the original version of Bluebox Wow has been a game-changer in the market, introducing a cost-effective way to deploy a digital passenger experience to airlines that might never have considered it before.

As the demand for wireless streaming grew in conjunction with the development of our more powerful digital platforms, so has interest from airlines with larger fleets. But more units means more batteries and more battery logistics. However, by using aircraft power, Bluebox Wow can deliver the same Blueview platform without batteries and offer a considerably lighter and lower-cost system than fully fitted wireless systems.

Wow! There’s more

Though available as a minor mod, the aircraft-powered version of Bluebox Wow is also available with an EASA STC which includes a fitted partition and aircraft power and automatic pause on PA functionality that pauses playback during announcements from the flight deck or cabin crew. Originally granted to apply to all Airbus A320 Family aircraft, an STC is now also available for Embraer E190 and Fokker 100 aircraft.