Innovative solutions from out of the Blue.

Our focus at Bluebox is creating value generating digital platforms for our customers that deliver engaging passenger experiences. And with Blueview, the possibilities are endless.

The Blueview Passenger Experience

Blueview is at the core of any deployment. On paper it’s a feature rich passenger experience platform that delivers digital services and content to passengers. But in reality Blueview is so much more. More than IFE, more than a shop, and more than just in-flight.

Blueview is tailored to what you and your passengers need, delivering the right mix of our three Es of Earn, Entertain and Engage. It’s how you deliver revenue generating services to passengers whilst they engage with your brand.

Blueview is ever-evolving with digital possibilities. Our developers never stand still, always exploring the integration of new services as digital technology advances. So what Blueview is today could be very different tomorrow.

Software Infrastructure

Blueview is built upon a powerful software architecture with infrastructure that supports your entire service, from design to delivery and ongoing management. Your passengers never see most of it, but it’s vital to ensure the effective delivery of your Blueview platform and includes:

  • Design and integration of your selected services.
  • Content management and update provision, with a facility for updates by your team on the ground or your cabin crew.
  • System monitoring and management.
  • Data capture and reporting for usage and service insight and analytics.

If your Blueview platform is scoped for onboard retail, we’ll integrate the required payment processing into Blueview and work with your catering and retail partners, integrating their systems, and maintaining that integration throughout the life of your Blueview platform.

We also know you may have made a considerable investment in your own airline app, so our software developers can work with your digital teams to provide a mobile platform SDK for integration with your app.

Hardware Infrastructure

Though most of our customers’ passengers access Blueview wirelessly on their own devices, Blueview can be hosted on a range of hardware platforms, depending on what’s best for your route network or the aircraft types in your fleet, or even your airline’s business model. For us, that flexibility is critical, as no two customers are the same.

Bluebox Wow

For the fastest, most cost-effective wireless deployment (especially for smaller and mixed fleets) our battery-operated Bluebox Wow portable wireless streaming device is ideal, but an aircraft-powered version is also available.

Airbus’ Airspace Link

Blueview is also available on Airbus’ Airspace Link, Airbus’ standardised onboard hardware and software infrastructure.

It’s available as linefit and retrofit for the Airbus A320 and A330 Family aircraft and is part of the ambitious “Airbus Connected Experience” which is pioneering Internet of Things in the cabin.


Proving Blueview’s flexibility, if you have a mix of new incoming Airbus aircraft with other aircraft types already in your fleet, select a linefit Airspace Link deployment on the incoming aircraft and Bluebox Wow as a cost-effective retrofit option on the remainder of your fleet. Whichever aircraft your passengers fly on, they’ll have the same Blueview experience. That’s what we’ve done for Jetstar.


And though wireless streaming to passenger devices is where our sector is seeing the most spectacular growth, there are instances when airline-owned devices are beneficial – whether as a premium cabin differentiator or to meet accessibility requirements. In those cases, we can deploy a version of Blueview hosted on iPads.