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Want to offer your passengers access to the latest Hollywood movies?

Explore our secure and Hollywood-approved tablet-based IFE, as a premium offering, as a source of ancillary revenue, or for service recovery.

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Looking for a way to grow ancillary revenue by deploying IFE?

Speak to us about how Bluebox Wow can generate revenue from access, advertising and on-board shopping.

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Want to ensure your Visually Impaired Passengers enjoy your IFE on board?

Check out Bluebox aIFE – our award-winning iPad-based accessible IFE platform that ensures your VIPs are entertained on board.

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Our full product range

Our secure pre-loaded platform delivers the latest from Hollywood

Bluebox Ai

Secure pre-loaded portable IFE

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Our best of both worlds – secure delivery of Early Window Content with access to streamed media over Wi-Fi

Bluebox Hybrid

Connected Portable IFE

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Offer visually impaired passengers independence and control, along with the entertainment

Bluebox aIFE

Accessible IFE for visually impaired passengers

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Wow! A simple and affordable way to engage passengers in any aircraft cabin

Bluebox Wow

Portable Wireless IFE

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Engaging passengers on their devices, freeing airlines from the costs and complexity of seatback systems

Bluebox wIFE

Fitted Wireless IFE

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Access technical manuals from any location, on a range of devices, over any network

Bluebox eMan

Technical Library Management System

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Our clients

“The combination of our technical services expertise and our experience in the certification process of many complex modifications, along with Bluebox’s state-of-the-art fitted wireless IFE solution, will mean faster market penetration.”

Fokker Services
Partner: Bluebox wIFE, Bluebox Wow

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