Move your magazines and menus from seat pockets to passenger devices with Bluebox Wow

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Want to keep your food & beverage and duty free services open, but still maintain social distancing protocols?

Bluebox Wow can serve as your virtual trolley service – enabling passengers to shop from their own devices, place an order, and pay for it with no interaction with cabin crew, reducing physical interaction to the item’s delivery alone

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Need to clear your seat pockets but still offer an in-flight magazine, menu and duty free catalogue?

A basic model of Bluebox Wow is available to replace your existing seat pocket material with digital content delivered to passengers’ own devices.

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Looking for a way to grow ancillary revenue through in-flight entertainment?

Speak to us about how Bluebox Wow can generate revenue from access, advertising and on-board shopping.

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Bluebox Aviation Systems Ltd. specialises in software solutions for the aviation industry. The Bluebox in-flight entertainment (IFE) portfolio provides airlines the latest technology to enhance the passenger experience with cost-effective and revenue-generating alternatives to seatback IFE systems.

Bluebox wireless IFE software is available on a range of hardware platforms to provide services on passengers’ own devices, including on-board retail and IFE content (movies, TV, audio, games and other digital content), in any aircraft cabin. As part of any wireless IFE deployment, Bluebox also provides user interface development, content integration, and ongoing system support.

Headquartered in Dunfermline, Scotland, Bluebox Aviation Systems serves over 40 airlines and aircraft operators across the globe, and has a global support network in Europe, the US, Australia and Singapore.

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"At Vistara we continue to invest in enhancing our service offerings to stay ahead of the curve. In the last year we have flown over 5 million customers who have consumed a variety of engaging content on ‘Vistara World’ and enjoyed the Vistara experience even more. The Bluebox platform’s convenience, robust capabilities and flexibility will now take this experience a notch higher”

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