Bluebox and Hawaiian Airlines mark industry first

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Bluebox’s IFE platform in Hawaiian’s A330 Premium Cabin is a win-win for passengers and the airline

Bluebox has partnered with Hawaiian Airlines to mark a “first” for in-flight entertainment (IFE) and Bluebox’s innovative IFE systems. The airline, which last week launched sales for its unique Premium Cabin service on the Airbus A330 for select markets, designed its seats to include Bluebox’s award-winning IFE system delivered on 12.9″ iPad Pro™ devices. This is the first deployment of a Bluebox IFE solution based on the iPad Pro as standard in a premium-class service.

“When designing our Premium Cabin for the A330 aircraft, we wanted to redefine the leisure travel experience to Hawaii,” said Avi Mannis, senior vice president of marketing at Hawaiian Airlines. “Having our seats custom-built meant we could also include a totally new IFE solution as part of that experience – one that delivered the highest quality visuals on a large-format screen. That’s why we turned to our partners at Bluebox for a solution.”

“Bluebox’s system gives Hawaiian the ability to provide the latest high-quality technology in its cabins, tracking the rapid evolution of device technology and making Hawaiian Airlines a perfect example of a first mover – bypassing the status quo to deliver something unique to its passengers,” said David Brown, Bluebox’s Joint Managing Director. “Our IFE platform not only provides an excellent customised passenger experience but saves airlines money – a win-win for both passengers and airlines.”

Airlines are looking for new ways to deliver outstanding services to passengers whose expectations are much greater in terms of technology and content. Bluebox’s use of commercial off-the-shelf devices to deliver its IFE system helps airlines meet these expectations and provides airlines with a more cost-effective IFE option.

“Bluebox has the relationships secured to deliver early window content on our systems and a high-quality platform that is much easier to deploy and upgrade at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems,” added Brown.

This latest solution for Hawaiian’s A330 Premium Cabin reflects the carrier’s commitment to enhance its IFE options, and another “first” for their ongoing relationship with Bluebox. In 2013, Hawaiian Airlines was the only U.S. carrier to offer the iPad mini™ on all of its wide-body Boeing 767-300 aircraft. Deploying a Bluebox system on 1,500 devices across 14 aircraft, the iPad mini devices replaced all portable entertainment systems on Hawaiian Airlines’ Boeing 767 routes at that time.


Hawaiian’s new Premium Cabin featuring IFE powered by Bluebox Avionics is available for travel starting December 5th between Honolulu and Narita, Brisbane and Auckland, and as of December 13th for flights between Honolulu and Sydney. Hawaiian’s lie-flat seats debuted this summer as a surprise-and-delight experience for guests traveling on the airline’s North America network. The Premium Cabin will arrive in additional markets as the company retrofits its fleet of 23 wide-body A330 aircraft through 2017.

Photo: Hawaiian Airlines