Airbus aircraft on order? Select OSP and add Bluebox W-IFE to engage, entertain and earn

29th September, 2021

Bluebox enables rapid W-IFE deployment on Airbus OSP

For any airline with new Airbus aircraft on order, reaping the benefits of wireless in-flight entertainment (W-IFE) is now a much simpler decision thanks to Airbus Open Software Platform (OSP). Airbus OSP is Airbus’ standardised on-board hardware and software infrastructure available as both line-fit and retrofit for the Airbus A320 and A330 Family aircraft. It enables a number of on-board digital services including integration of W-IFE from a selection of vendors.

Bluebox was the first W-IFE partner selected by an airline customer for the Airbus OSP programme in 2019, and as announced December 2020, Bluebox successfully delivered the first integration of W-IFE software into OSP. Deployed with customer Titan Airways, an independent charter airline in the UK, the system was part of a line-fit OSP installation on the carrier’s first new Airbus A321LR delivered from Airbus to Titan on 26 October 2020.

Bluebox’s deployment for Titan also included an additional IFE integration for their customer TCS World Travel. TCS, the industry leader in private jet expeditions, requested additional IFE functionality to support its tour programme and upgrade its in-flight enrichment opportunities. This included adding comprehensive destination-driven modules which interface with real-time flight route information and enabling TCS to manage bespoke content for these modules via Bluebox’s content management system. The successful delivery of these demonstrates the flexibility of the system Bluebox has developed for its Airbus OSP integration to enable custom enhancements and the level of support customers will receive when selecting Bluebox as their Airbus OSP W-IFE partner.

The availability of the underlying W-IFE hardware as an option for new or retrofit Airbus aircraft signals an elevation and expanded opportunity for the digital – software-based – evolution of IFE, allowing far greater creativity and opportunities for passenger engagement and ancillary revenues.

The availability of Bluebox W-IFE on Airbus OSP complements Bluebox’s existing award-winning Bluebox Wow portable W-IFE platform, available in battery- and aircraft-powered options.

The portability of Bluebox’s W-IFE software across hardware platforms provides an opportunity to provide uniformity in the software and features available to passengers across a range of hardware platforms – especially across mixed fleets or across both new and old aircraft for which different hardware options might make sense. Bluebox can help determine what the best solution is for your fleet.

Beyond IFE, Airbus OSP is fully compatible with the aircraft manufacturer’s ambitious “Airbus Connected Experience” which is pioneering the Internet of Things in the aircraft cabin and paving the way for a new personalised passenger experience and an open ecosystem approach for airlines.

With Bluebox’s W-IFE platform already deployed on Airbus OSP, and flexible for development of additional services, that future potential of W-IFE services is even closer to reality – already delivering an engaging in-flight experience to passengers, build brand loyalty and earning ancillary revenue today, and even more to come.

Image of home page of TCS World Travel's W-IFE passenger interface

Airframer W-IFE?

The March/April 2021 issue of Inflight magazine examined how both Airbus and Boeing are playing an increasingly active role in the booming W-IFE sector and what this means for airlines. “W-IFE is set to play an increasingly dominant role in a post-COVID-19 world as airlines seek to improve the passenger experience and increase passenger engagement and revenue-generating opportunities,” wrote author Emma Kelly. Bluebox’s role as an enabler linking Airbus OSP to the passenger through Bluebox’s digital W-IFE platform featured prominently in the article.

Click here to read the full Inflight article on pages 26-29. (Note: Inflight offers their magazine by subscription, which may be required to view the content)


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