Bluebox’s Kevin Clark discusses the evolution and value of IFE as part of CAPA’s “Aviation Explained” series

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At this month’s CAPA Live event on 13 October, Bluebox’s CEO, Kevin Clark, will discuss wireless IFE in an ‘Aviation Explained’ session entitled: The digital airline. The digital cabin. IFE’s role in enabling a digital passenger experience.

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As CAPA describes the session:

With digital and particularly wireless technology, we have an opportunity to rethink what IFE is and what it can be. It’s evolving at a fast pace, and we’re only at the start of a digital transformation of the passenger experience, so don’t let an old three-letter acronym fool you.

In this ‘Aviation Explained’ session, CAPA’s conference content director Marco Navarria speaks with Kevin Clark, CEO of Bluebox Aviation Systems, to discuss how IFE provides the digital link to passengers on board, both enriching their in-flight experience and an airline’s ancillary revenue.

The session will explore:

  • Why IFE is no longer IFE as we knew it.
  • How the pandemic enhanced passengers’ familiarity and expectation of engaging with airlines via digital channels and how IFE can meet this expectation on board, even without connectivity.
  • Why airlines should look to IFE not only to entertain their passengers, but to engage with them and earn ancillary revenue.
  • Three critical things to consider beyond hardware.

This short explainer session will take place from 12:55 PM to 13:10 PM (UK time), part of the EMEA set of sessions during the full day online event.

Click the image below to visit CAPA’s website and register for the event:

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