Bluebox’s Kevin Clark led panel on customer preferences at CAPA’s World Aviation Summit

Travel intentions remain strong in the post-pandemic world, and traveller preferences continue to evolve. But are we in a whole new world or seeing an evolution of the old? 

At CAPA’s World Aviation Summit & Awards in Abu Dhabi (November 2023), Bluebox’s CEO, Kevin Clark, moderated a panel discussing this question about changing passenger preferences. The session in its entirety can be viewed here (link to CAPA’s video):

Video Credit: CAPA

The panel addressed various themes around traveller preferences including:

  • How has the search & intentions space changed? Are travellers seeking new sources of inspiration for where they travel and stay?
  • How has the booking space changed? What options are travellers demanding from their preferred booking platforms?
  • How are travellers’ interactions with technology evolving through the travel process?
  • How has the spending space changed? Where are travellers putting the emphasis on spending, and where are they seeking to save money?
  • What do travellers want through the journey? Will the emphasis on contactless technologies and self-service continue, or will preferences snapback towards other service propositions?

Panel members included:

Peter Bellew, COO, Riyadh Air
Hugh Aitken, VP Strategic Relations and Development. Skyscanner
David Friderici, SVP & Head Aviation Passenger Solutions, IBS Software
Dominic Matthews, GM EMEA, FLYR