In the News: “Bluebox and dnata Announce In-Flight Retail Partnership” – APEX Daily Experience

7th October, 2020

Bluebox’s in-flight retail partnership with dnata catering makes the headlines in APEX Daily Experience

Paul Sillers, writing for APEX Daily Experience in October 2020, covered the announcement of Bluebox’s partnership with dnata catering highlighting: “Bluebox and dnata’s partnership, announced yesterday, means airlines can generate ancillary revenue by selling meals and other products via Bluebox’s virtual trolley.”

As well as how the two companies would be developing a joint offering across Australasia and Asia-Pacific territories, Sillers’ article discussed Bluebox’s contribution of touchless solutions – not just touch-free payments for the Virtual Trolley, but the digitisation of materials that support onboard sales, including digital menus and magazines, which generate revenue streams via advertising, part of what Bluebox calls Virtual Seat Pocket.

Quoting Bluebox’s Head of Marketing, Catherine Brown, Sillers’ article also addressed the relevance of the partnership during the global coronavirus pandemic: “with COVID-19 precautions – reduced interaction with cabin crew in particular – airlines may not provide a trolley service through the cabin, and without a solution like ours the whole act of ordering food and drinks, or buying duty-free, could be more complicated and frustrating for passengers. Being able to do so via their own devices will help normalize their in-flight experience.”

Click to see the original APEX article by Paul Sillers.


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