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Bluebox’s Paul Rayson was recently interviewed by CAPA TV at CAPA’s Airline Leader Summit – Airlines in Transition event, held this year in Granada, Spain.

Digitalisation and data were two themes cited during the conference as strategic components of both the drivers of and response to the rapid changes facing all participants in the aviation sector. But during the interview Paul highlights that there is a actually digital “gap” that persists for the majority of the global fleet – the in-flight part of the passenger journey.

For most airlines it is during this time – when they actually have their customers physically present with them – that they do not have any digital engagement with passengers. Pre-booking and post-travel there are sophisticated digital pathways and opportunities – both to engage with passengers and feed data back into the business decision making processes. But in a disconnected cabin this stops – and it ought not to, according to Paul.

Of course, most digital networks and systems communicate over and therefore depend on the internet. But the majority of the global fleet still does not have connectivity – this will remain below 50% until 2031, and for LCCs and regional carriers could be much longer if they can’t build a business case to support a connected digital passenger journey. And so some airlines are missing out on the gains from that digital engagement, whether from increased revenues from inflight ecommerce or data that could help optimise their supply chains, reduce waste, etc.

Paul addresses this with optimism, speaking about how Bluebox’s Blueview digital services platform is uniquely positioned to bridge that gap now. Watch the interview below:

Bluebox Aviation Systems, Paul Rayson at the CAPA Airline Leader Summit – Airlines in Transition 2024 from CAPA on Vimeo.

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