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Onboard Hospitality’s April Waterston spoke with Bluebox’s CEO Kevin Clark about the power of portable – how passenger devices can contribute to airline recovery

As part of Onboard Hospitality’s ‘coffee break’ video series, Deputy Editor April Waterston spoke with Bluebox CEO Kevin Clark about how wireless IFE (W-IFE) can help airlines in their post-pandemic recovery, by tapping into the power of engaging with passengers via their own devices – as April calls it, ‘The Power of Portable’.

Introducing the concept of ‘BYOD’ – bring your own device – as a ‘topic of the moment’ – April first asks Kevin about why airlines should invest in W-IFE. Kevin discusses the cost and flexibility advantages of W-IFE over more traditional embedded IFE systems, a chat which develops into a broader discussion around the potential for co-existence of W-IFE with seatback systems on long-haul flights, offering passengers much more flexibility and choice of how to access services in an increasingly digital in-flight experience.

Kevin also discusses some of the developments Bluebox has undertaken for its portable wireless IFE system, Bluebox Wow, an unexpected positive coming out of the global pandemic, given these will offer passengers a much richer in-flight environment when they return to travelling as pandemic restrictions ease.

Click here or below to watch the interview on Onboard Hospitality’s YouTube channel:

April and Kevin discussed a variety of topics beyond what made the final video edit, and this was included in an article published in Onboard Hospitality’s April issue of Onboard Tech Innovation. Click here to read the full article in Onboard Tech Innovation.