Bluebox CEO Kevin Clark on customer experience panel at the World Aviation Festival in Lisbon

The passenger experience is always changing. Throughout any journey, technology plays an increasing part in that evolution. Customer needs, behaviours and perceptions are often the drivers for the introduction of that new technology, which itself can provide further insight into the passenger experience.

On 27 September 2023 at the World Aviation Festival in Lisbon, Bluebox’s CEO Kevin Clark participated in a panel session looking at how we can better understand customer perceptions and empower the passenger throughout their journey.

Topics & questions the panel addressed included:

  • Looking at strategies that empower the customer pre-flight, and meet their needs and concerns during and after their journey.
  • Rethinking how to measure passenger experience – are we prioritising operational metrics, rather than customer experience? How can we ask the right questions at the right time?
  • Passenger feedback – how can it be analysed effectively and used to drive real change?
  • How can we continue to personalise the passenger experience and create a direct connection to individual travellers?

The panel was moderated by Jerry Angrave, Founder, Empathyce, and participating in the discussion were:

Heike Birlenbach, SVP Customer Experience, Lufthansa Group
Marleen van de Pol, VP Customer Experience, KLM
Sofia Lufinha, Chief Customer Officer, TAP Air Portugal
Rahul Jolly, President – Global Travel & Hospitality, Teleperformance