Kevin is CEO and Member of the Board

Kevin started his career in the design of communication systems for military aviation. This was followed by several years in applied research into structured coding techniques for high performance hardware devices. He also spent over ten years in the UK public sector, supporting technology companies with both technology and market development activities, as well as advising on international location strategies.

Kevin joined a small software business specialising in customer service solutions in 2000. As CEO, he led a management buy-out and then sold the company to one of the UK’s leading customer contact specialists in 2010 where he went on to lead the sales and marketing activities of the wider group.

In 2012, Kevin joined AviIT Ltd. as Chief Operating Officer responsible for commercial development of its Bluebox Avionics, IFE joint venture. In January 2017, he led a corporate restructuring that saw AviIT Ltd. and Bluebox Avionics Ltd. combined under a new company – Bluebox Aviation Systems Ltd. – with Kevin as CEO.

Kevin holds a BSc Electronics & Microprocessor Engineering and an MBA, both from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland.