Chris is Head of Content Management and IT

Chris is head of Bluebox’s content integration team, responsible for the content management of our customers’ IFE solutions. In addition, he has retained leadership of Bluebox’s IT team. Chris joined AviIT Ltd. in 2006, working on IT support contracts and on technical library software support, and becoming the IT Team lead in 2008.

At the start of the Bluebox Avionics joint venture Chris was responsible for developing early generations of the hardware platform for the company’s tablet-based IFE, Bluebox Ai, and led the customer deployment and support team. Chris also led the design and development some of hardware for Bluebox Ai.

Prior to AviIT and Bluebox, Chris worked for EDS, a large IT multinational company, in IT support. He worked at several different sites where EDS had the IT support contract, including the BP Oil Refinery at Grangemouth.