Photo: James Macrae

James Macrae is Chief Technology Officer and Member of the Board

James joined Bluebox’s predecessor AviIT Ltd. in 2004, where he developed a specialism in avionics, aircraft datalink/communications and video streaming. In 2006 with the establishment of the company’s joint venture, Bluebox Avionics, he led the development of the first Bluebox IFE system. James was appointed Technical Director in 2010 and since then has expanded the IFE product portfolio to include the Bluebox Ai iPad-based IFE platform, Bluebox wIFE, fitted wireless streaming solution, and Bluebox Wow, portable wireless IFE system.

James achieved an MScIT (Distinction) Software and Systems postgraduate degree at Glasgow University having previously graduated in law with an LLB (Hons) Commercial Law & Taxation.