What’s driving growth at Bluebox? Innovation

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Bluebox has been named a finalist for yet another award for innovation, this time in its local community of Fife, in Scotland. Bluebox was named a finalist in the “Excellence in Creativity and Innovation” category of the Fife Business Awards, a programme run by the Fife Chamber of Commerce.

This award is open to any organisation operating in Fife that can demonstrate a focus on product, service or process innovation that is improving its operating performance and future growth prospects. To win, Bluebox must show that innovation/creativity is embedded in the business and encouraged across the workforce, and is delivering tangible benefits. Winners will be announced at a ceremony on 27th March 2020.

Speaking in a ‘Meet the Finalists’ video, Bluebox CEO, Kevin Clark showcases the company’s innovative and award-winning wireless in-flight entertainment system in a box – Bluebox Wow – but also speaks about the importance of ‘process innovation’, saying:

“That’s been a key part of our success recently which is making sure that as we grow we can do that in a way which is consistent and repeatable and sets the groundwork for hopefully becoming bigger than we currently are, because that certainly is our aspiration.”

Bluebox has won several industry awards for its innovation in IFE systems, the most recent include:

Bluebox was founded in 2004, originally as AviIT, an aviation software consultancy. Since then, Bluebox has grown to over 50 people worldwide – the majority based at the company’s headquarters in Dunfermline, Fife.